Recipe of the Month



  • Lamb meat : half kilogram

  • Dried hard yoghurt : half kilogram

  • Rice : one kilogram

  • Almonds : 100 grams

  • Pine nut : 50 grams.

  • Arab Shrak bread : one

  • Onion : one

  • Spices: bay/cardamom

Amount is enough for 5 persons (if dried yoghurt is not available, liquid yoghurt can be used instead).

Preparation Method:

  • Dried yoghurt is washed, broken, and soaked for 12 hours.

  • Meat is boiled with cardamom, bay and onion, then lifted off fire before being well cooked.

  • A little meat sauce is added to yoghurt and beaten by blender mixer and then cleared well.

  • Cleared yoghurt is put on medium fire until it boils while continued stirring. Then chicken sauce is added as wised, then meat pieces are added, then yoghurt and meat is left on fire until it is well cooked.

  • Rice, with a little salt, is soaked in hot water for 15 minutes, then it is washed and cleared.

  • Rice is turned over with fat on medium fire for 5 minutes, then water is added as needed, then after water boils, fire is lessened until being well cooked.

  • Arab Shrak bread is put on serving dish and soaked with yoghurt, then rice is spread on it. Meat pieces are put and fried almond and pine nuts. Then yoghurt sauce is placed on tope mansaf is the traditional dish of Jordan, it is basically a very large dish of rice with lamb pieces placed on top and yoghurt sauce poured over. It is then placed on a round table with up to 8 people standing around. Eating by making round rice & meat balls with the right hand. The left hand must be placed behind one’s back during the meal. This dish is traditionally served at occasions of all ceremony including weddings & condolences.

The youghurt is thickened and turned into round shaped patties. It is then placed to dry in the sun awaiting to be used for future meals by breaking it up and slowly melting it in warm water inside a ceramic pot, today of course one can use blenders to do the job.

** Shrak Bread is a large very thin bread